Tuesday, 24 June 2014

NANOART 2014....photo contest open to all EU students and postdocs .

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NanoART Winner Gallery 2013
NanoART Winner Gallery 2014

The contest supports the atmosphere of discovery and wonder that nanoscience and nanotechnology research represent. The first objective of this competition is for participants to have fun. The second objective is to promote the public interest and acceptance of nanos: people new to the subject really begin to understand it when they see compelling pictures. Many of the illustrations, models and nanoscopic images produced in researching nanoscale science are very artistic in nature, transcending basic illustration.

For nRai® and the Nanosciences Foundation, this contest is important to reward the hard work of non-Faculty researchers.

This contest is open to all students and post-doctoral fellows. Images may be submitted by individuals or groups of labs located in France or in the European Union - but they should be the work primarily of students, rather than that of faculty. Subject matter (Particles used for image) shall be between 1nm - 100nm scale.
All work should be recent (completed within six months prior to submission) and original. The same image may be re-submitted up to three separate months, as long as the work is still fresh and has not previously won a prize.

Images shall be submitted via our online submission form, by the last Friday of each month. If the file is too large, contestant should bring/mail it on a flash drive, CD or DVD at the Foundation offices.
The winner will be announced by the fifteenth of the following month. The winning images will be displayedon this page.

Winners will be awarded a prize of US$200 by nRai®. In the event of a team entry, equal portions of the prize will be distributed to members within the team.
At the end of each year the monthly winning entries will be entered in a final competition for the award of annual scholarships. Cash prizes for the top three of the 12 monthly competition winners in each calendar year – will amount to US$5 000 (1st prize), US$3 000 (2nd prize) and US$2 000 (3rd prize).
All the prizes are offered by nRai®, the Nanosciences Foundation provides the logistical support required for the contest to take place.


will be ranked by a jury consisting of representatives from nRai®, the Nanosciences Foundation in Grenoble, the  Collaborative Centre for Applied Nanotechnology in Dublin (Ireland), the London Center for Nanotechnology (England), the Interface Physics Group and the Gesellschaft fur Bioanalytik - both in Munster (Germany). The winning entry will be selected based on a combination of artistic quality and technical marvel. A visually striking image which illustrates an important principle in nanoscience or nanotechnology is just as valid for submission as one that is purely a visually-compelling picture.


for more: http://www.fondation-nanosciences.fr/templates/1/documents/appel_a_projets/AAP2010/Appel2010-Call_PhD_2.pdf

source: nano sciences foundation